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We are a team of professional outdoor sport players who specialize in organizing sporting events. No matter which outdoor type of event you want to have we can help you organize it in the USA. But first lets get to know the rules of the most popular outdoor games in the USA. Lets cover some basic rules of cornhole.  Cornhole is a really fun game. 

You can read more rules here

But here is a brief overview: 

  • Divide the players into two teams
  • All 8 cornhole bags are placed at one end to begin.
  • When teams are made up of two people, teammates need to line up at opposite boxes as well as on opposite sides.
  • Each team can have one or two people
  • If a player steps over the foul line then the player loses his/her turn.  Throwing out of turn causes the same penalty.
  • A coin toss can be used to decide which team starts first. After the first game the winner gets to go first.